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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

9. October 2023

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe in fine form at EMO 2023

After a lot of hard work in the run-up to the event, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH took full advantage of the opportunity that EMO 2023, a global trade fair focusing on production technology, offered as a platform to showcase its new products and tried-and-tested technology.
ZCC Cutting Tools Europe at EMO 2023

Living up to the event’s motto of ‘Innovate Manufacturing’, the full-service provider presented its range of tools, with a special focus on the latest new products for autumn 2023 The five new products showcased at EMO 2023 covered everything from finishing to the production of spot faces and more efficient turning operations. Beyond that, mould and die making proved a strong draw with its own demonstration component. In partnership with ALZMETALL, the ZCC-CT test and demonstration centre manufactured a moulded part, where each step in the machining process was performed exclusively using ZCC-CT Europe products.

As many of you will know, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is celebrating 20 successful years on the European markets this year. From its humble beginnings as a trading firm, it has gone on to become a successful European technology company with roots in China. It is fully devoted to meeting the needs and requirements of the markets of Europe, and draws on these criteria to define, update and implement its strategy. Today, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is firmly established throughout Europe, as demonstrated by the sales offices it operates in France and the UK, with further planned.


The company’s rapid growth is attributable to a range of factors – solutions from Europe for Europe

This transformation is down to a number of factors. For one, investments were made to set up and expand a European research and development unit starting in 2018 and its test and demonstration centre starting in 2019. This is part of a concerted effort to implement its brand strategy for Europe, which is necessary for the company to continue to grow in the future. Whereas in the past the company simply sold products made by its parent company, today no new product is launched and approved for sale in Europe without first considering the demands of and benchmarks for the local markets there. On a similar note, the R&D unit at ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is developing a growing number of core products in-house. Once the design has been completed and approved, it is transferred, along with other requirements and specifications, to the parent company who manufacture them. The R&D departments in Europe and China are working more closely together than ever, leading to enhanced processes and workflows, shorter development cycles and rising levels of innovation. For the first time ever, each of the new products for September 2023, which were presented at EMO, was developed in Düsseldorf.



ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is now able to offer a range of well-established services, something that is absolutely essential for the company to position itself as a premium brand. In addition to tool reconditioning, which is available at an affordable cost with an eye towards sustainability, other core services include customised engineering solutions, upgrades to application processes and the provision of machine equipment. In addition to its expert teams, the main driver is once again the T&D centre that is able to offer a range of analytical capabilities and technical facilities. The company’s digital services, which include product data of all sorts for further processing in customer systems, digital twins and tool management solutions for inventory and process optimisation in the tool cycle, are increasingly important and in growing demand.


Expertise across the entire value chain – dependable supply chain

Throughout the successful history of the company, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has been able to boast reliable access to raw materials, expertise along the entire value chain of carbide tool production, a dependable supply chain and strong logistics capabilities. When the world economy experienced supply chain constraints in recent years, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe promptly switched over to air freight to transport its products, ensuring its customers faced practically no supply disruptions. In taking this step, the company willingly accepted lower yields due to the higher costs associated with this. This is part of the company’s customer-first approach. Over the past 20 years, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has laid the strategic foundations, and it is working all the time to systematically build out and expand upon this. While the focus may shift, the core values of the brand – a highly attractive range of products, services and solutions, customer relationships built on partnership and a strong value proposition– will never change: Your partner – your value.


The company would like to thank all of its customers, dealers and visitors who came see us in Hall 3, Booth G06.