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Sandro Maaß Manager Product Management

Turning Tools

Recommendations for Turning Tools and Grades


Turning Inserts

There are a number of challenges we face when it comes to helping you maximize your productivity. These include issues like how to achieve reliable chip removal, a consistent tool life and short machining times. We’ll show you selected turning inserts that provide real benefits for your company and production operations.

Tool Holders

Our tool holders allow you to increase the efficiency of your production operations while also meeting high standards in terms of component quality. We offer a range of tool holders for any machining operation, from general turning to grooving and parting off.

Grade Overview

To maintain reliable component production, you have to choose an insert grade you can depend on. Whether you’re talking about finishing or roughing operations, we’ll show you what the right material is for your specific needs.

All Turning Tools at a Glance

Thanks to our extensive experience in the metal machining industry, we know what matters most when it comes to turning. We can offer you the right tool for general turning, grooving and parting off, or threading.

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

We’re there for you