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Face milling

Key information on face milling

There are a variety of machining strategies used in the metal working industry to produce top-quality components. Face milling comes with its own set of challenges. Contact us to find out more about related applications and the associated requirements.
What is facing milling, and what are the main factors to consider? Here are the things you need to know to succeed.

In face milling, a rotating tool mills the component to create a flat surface. Indexable mills are generally used here. Productivity (stock removal rate) and surface quality (roughness) play a key role in face milling applications.

In many cases, an inclined cutting edge makes sense with face mills. The pressure angle of the cutting edges influences the direction of the cutting forces. Because the forces are distributed equally in transverse and axial forces, a 45° pitch is often the ideal compromise. Higher productivity is made possible by dispersing the cutting forces in equal measure in the direction of the spindle. In the case of thin-walled components, a 90° working angle is recommended in order to reduce the pressure applied on the workpiece. Another option here would be cutters with round inserts. The round inserts flexibly control the distribution of force via the plunging depth. A depth of cut equal to 50 per cent of the insert diameter corresponds roughly to a working angle of 45°.

ZCC Cutting Tools offers a wide assortment of face mills. Do you need help with your shoulder milling applications? Then contact us. We’re there to help.

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Are you looking for tools for your face milling applications? You can find everything you need to know about our FMA07, FMA11, FMA12, FMD02 and FMP12 face mills in our brochure.

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