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Chamfer milling

Key information on chamfer milling

There are a variety of machining strategies used in the metal working industry to produce top-quality components. Chamfer milling comes with its own set of challenges. Contact us to find out more about related applications and the associated requirements.
What is chamfer milling, and what are the main factors to consider? Here are the things you need to know to succeed.

Users often underestimate the demands of chamfer milling. Chamfering refers to the process of making a slope or bevel. This step is required to deburr and remove sharp edges from a machined workpiece. Chamfering is a step carried out in preparation for welding components. In automated production processes, it is necessary to use chamfering tools since consistent quality cannot be guaranteed without mechanical deburring. Chamfer mills are available as both indexable and solid carbide mills.

To ensure there are no errors during the component assembly phase, users have to make sure that the chamfer mill does not create a new burr. In addition, surface quality is often an issue for aesthetic reasons. If a tool is not running smoothly, this may cause chatter marks which affect the perceived quality of an otherwise flawless workpiece.

ZCC Cutting Tools offers a variety of chamfer mills that help you produce top-quality components. Do you need help with your chamfer milling applications? Then contact us. We’re there to help.

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