ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

We’re there for you

Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

28. November 2023

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe says thank you!

Thank you for attending our press day held on 25 October at our EU headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Following a short speech and an overview of highlights from the past twenty years by our Managing Director Quanliang Zhao to welcome our guests, the Marketing department manager, the Product Management team and the Head of the Test and Demonstration Centre took turns discussing the latest news and developments from their departments. There were also live machining demonstrations and a wealth of expertise on show.

There were a host of presentations on topics that were particularly close to our hearts to mark our twentieth anniversary on the market. One such example is the presentation given by Martin Sprung, Marketing & Business Development Manager, who focused on ZCC Cutting Tools Europe’s evolution from the early days as a regional tool wholesaler with a limited product range to a premium technology and service partner able to offer a full line of solutions. The Product Management team, including Sandro Maaß, Manager and Division Head, laid out the benefits that the company’s latest new products – XLR chip breakers, zType thread tool holders, ONMX/PNMX high-feed turning systems and FD drills – offer users in live machining demonstrations. Just to let you know, every new product undergoes thorough testing at the Test and Demonstration Centre before it is prepared for market launch.

Staying on the topic for a moment, Norbert Reiche, Head of the Test and Demonstration (T&D) Centre, provided details on an ongoing customer project involving Kern Guss- und Stahlbau to highlight the practical benefits available to customers made possible thanks to a combination of our technological expertise, the company’s engineering prowess, the efficiency of our tools and the prominent role played by intelligent software solutions. According to Reiche, demand for these solution packages is growing all the time as the result of continuous, methodical, systematic work in the past that is paying off.

We were excited about the lively exchange between the various speakers from ZCC Cutting Tools and you as guests from the press. These focused on technical issues as well as the background and the role of the many people who were and remain part of the company’s growth and development. As one of the true highlights, Arjeta Emini, the youngest member of staff and a second-year apprentice in wholesale and foreign sales management, and Bernd Heinermann, Head of Application Technology and one of our company’s longest-serving employees, were delighted to share their insights with guests at our event.

We would like to thank everyone who came from far and wide to attend the event and celebrate the historic milestone of ZCC’s 20 years in Europe with our partners from the media and press in 2023.