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Sandro Maaß Manager Product Management

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Medical Technology

Modern Tools for Hard-to-Machine Materials

Medical technology provides the technical equipment and systems needed to run our healthcare systems. Like few other fields, it is at the forefront of new trends and innovations that make our lives better.
Medical Technology as a Driver of Innovation

Prosthetics is one of the key fields in medical technology sector. Bionic prosthetics, for example, can help a person regain their ability to sense touch and pick up an object.

On a similar note, innovations in dental technology make it possible to manufacture dentures and braces that meet the highest standards in terms of aesthetics, functionality, durability, and tolerability.

In addition to traditional chrome-nickel steels like V4A and V2A, the materials used in this field include heat-resistant alloys such as Inconel 718 and Hastelloy, high-performance materials such as cobalt-chrome and titanium, and a range of other non-metallic materials.

There are a large number of materials that are difficult to machine, including cobalt-chrome, which is frequently used in implants. When machining them, the primary considerations include process reliability, minimizing burr formation, delivering a high surface quality, and meeting the highest standards in terms of hygiene.

ZCC-CT has extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of tools used in the production of medical equipment and systems. Our high-performance tools for medical technology applications include the VSM, UD, and TM series of solid carbide cutters. ZCC-CT’s SC series of tool holders and YBG/YBS series of turning inserts are an excellent choice for use in the production of various medical technology products.

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

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