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Regrinding Service


Regrinding Service

Reduce costs by regrinding your tools

If you are looking to regrind your ZCC Cutting Tools drills, cutters, and reamers and lower your production costs in the process, our regrinding service available for all EU member states is just perfect for you.
Why regrind solid carbide tools?

The main advantage of regrinding is the significant extension of the total tool life, which reduces your tool and production costs while also helping conserve raw materials. After regrinding, your tool is just as performant as a brand new tool. You can continue to use the parameters you always do and will not experience any loss of productivity.

What are the advantages of the ZCC Cutting Tools regrinding service? We offer short processing times, generally in the range of two to three weeks for standard geometries. Thanks to our ultra-fast regrinding service, you need to keep fewer tools in stock. We offer fair flat rates and return your tool to its original state, all while maintaining the same level of quality you would find with a new tool.

Advantages of our Regrinding Service within EU member states

We offer a high-quality regrinding service for your solid carbide tools.
Regrind your tools and contribute to environmental protection.
Our regrinding service offers very short cycle times.
Take advantage of our regrinding service to reduce your tool and production costs.
Do you have any questions about our regrinding service? Contact our expert team.
Regrinding Made Easy within EU
  • Send your ZCC Cutting Tools tools along with the completed general specifications sheet and order form to:
    Nachschleif-Service ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH
    Siemensweg 11
    59329 Wadersloh, Germany
  • Arrival, inspection, and acceptance of tools
  • Regrinding of all essential surfaces and edges
  • Preparation of cutting edges
  • Recoating with equivalent quality coating available on request
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Dispatch by pick-up/drop-off service/parcel service
Contact person for regrinding in United Kingdom
David Wilsher Director – UK Operations

Download regrinding service brochure

Interested? Find out more about our regrinding service in our brochure.

Information About Our Tool Grinding Service within EU member states

Send your ZCC Cutting Tools tools along with the completed general specifications sheet and order form to our regrinding service partner.