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Is having reliable production chains important to you? Our parent company produces everything from rare materials to high-end precision tools.
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ZCC Cutting Tools is the largest Chinese manufacturer of cutting tools. In 2006 we launched ZCC Cutting Tools Europe in Düsseldorf as a regional subsidiary to serve the European market.

ZCC Cutting Tools is a one-stop provider, able to meet all the needs of its customers. The company has continued to grow and expand over the decades, which allows it to cover the entire value chain from rare materials to high-end cutting tools.

ZCC Cutting Tools is part of the China Minmetals Corporation, the tenth biggest company in China with over 200,000 employees. Minmetals owns numerous mines, including several that produce tungsten in China, which ensures a reliable supply of one of the most important raw materials used in the production of cutting tools. The metals mined at its facilities are processed by its subsidiary, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide (ZCC), to produce tungsten carbide powders and rods. These are primary materials used in the cutting tools made by ZCC Cutting Tools. The solid carbide tools are ground from carbide rods, while the inserts are stamped from carbide powder.

As part of the China Minmetals Corporation, ZCC Cutting Tools is not reliant on external raw material suppliers. This is a major advantage for customers in today’s world of scarce resources.

ZCC-CT is a strong, active company that offers many opportunities to those who seek them.
Mareen K., Project Manager Marketing Operations


ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

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