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Our philosophy in terms of customer and employee relations is: Your partner – your value. Are you interested in joining the team and provided value to our customers? Then apply now.
Expertise across the entire value chain – customer value and consistent quality

As the parent company of ZCC-CT China, the ZCC Group with its more than 6,000 employees is uniquely positioned as a fully integrated producer of everything from raw materials to sophisticated precision tools, with resource production, R&D, production, sales and distribution all performed in-house.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH oversees expansion and sales activities in Europe, Russia and Turkey. We are a young, rapidly growing company with a flat, nimble organisation. Management, customer service, marketing, application technology, delivery/administrative services and the European central warehouse are all located in Düsseldorf.

We are always on the lookout for qualified candidates to support our team. Our first-rate solutions are based on professional expertise and consulting services. Would you like to join our team? Then send us a prospective application.

Working at ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe reaches milestone: The team celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2018.
Francesca B. (Customer Service) on the cover of Werkzeug Technik magazine.
Dennis H. (Engineering) shooting a YouTube video.
Mareen K. (Marketing) shooting a YouTube video.
Our booth at the EMO 2019 trade fair in Hanover.
Our managing director’s door is always open. Any employee can come to him if they have a problem or issue they wish to discuss. Communication is fast, and everyone works like a team as equals.
Stella I., HR Management

FAQ: Job applications

How do I apply?

Please e-mail your application and all required documents as a PDF to Your contact is Stella Irmler.

Please send your application and all other required documents. This will help expedite the process. Your application should include your CV listing all previous positions starting with your last job, a detailed cover letter and all relevant references.

Please apply by e-mail only.

You will receive confirmation once we get your application. The HR department and business unit where you are applying will review your documents promptly and decide whether to schedule an interview.

We look forward to receiving prospective applications. Please provide detailed information on where you might like to work and send this along with your application and all related documents to

We are constantly updating our job postings and only publish vacant positions on our Careers page.

As a general rule, we prefer in-person interviews. We like to provide applicants the opportunity to visit and gain a first-hand impression of ZCC Cutting Tools. If you are located far away or in extenuating circumstances, we will hold the interview via video conference call. Contact the HR department if you would like to make use of this option.

We take data protection and confidentiality seriously and comply at all times with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Only the HR department and the responsible employee at the relevant department have access to your data. It will not be passed on to non-company employees nor will it be sold, rented or published. Your data will be deleted at the end of the application process, or after six months at the latest, where this is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us pursuant to point (f) of the first subparagraph of Art. 6(1) GDPR.

We generally recommend standard business attire for your interview. In everyday business, this varies from job to job. Business casual is appropriate for customer interactions. In day-to-day work, the basic rule is wear clothes that are comfortable. However, we do request that you dress neatly and appropriately.

What we offer

of the support you need to do your job.
> 90
colleagues who are available to give support and advice.
languages spoken at our international headquarters.
divisions with many interesting jobs.
> 25,000
articles that make our product range competitive.


ZCC Cutting Tools expands line of milling systems with new FMWX series
ZCC Cutting Tools adds single-edged square shoulder mill to product range
ZCC Cutting Tools expands line of milling systems
ZCC Cutting Tools releases supplementary catalogue 05/2021
ZCC Cutting Tools presents its new zFlex modular grooving system
ZCC Cutting Tools is expanding its drilling systems
ZCC Cutting Tools expanding operations to the UK
ZCC Cutting Tools publishes its supplementary catalogue 09/2020
ZCC Cutting Tools launches solid carbide drills for tough materials
ZCC Cutting Tools develops drills for productivity 2.5 times higher
ZCC Cutting Tools expands its QCH exchangeable head systems with milling inserts
ZCC Cutting Tools supports dealers with strategic communication
ZCC Cutting Tools further develops high pressure tools.
How do I use masks correctly? This is currently one of many questions that everyone is interested in. To clarify these and other questions about masks, ZCC Cutting Tools has developed an infographic with 3 help packages
ZCC Cutting Tools impress with its solid carbide and WSP drill range.
ZCC Cutting Tools publish new price list.
ZCC Cutting Tools Statement on COVID-19
ZCC Cutting Tools publish the Product Innovations Catalog 03/2020.
Everything starts with the material.
ZCC Cutting Tools expands its portfolio with micro tools.
ZCC Cutting Tools launch interchangeable head system for solid carbide cutters.
ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has awarded 3 trophies. The company has recognized its dealers in Germany by awarding trophies in 2019 for the first time in the categories "Best Dealer", "Best Development" and "Best Newcomer".
ZCC Cutting Tools extends its product range for the ISO P range.
Since the opening of the modern Test & Demonstration Centre in May, the developments announced are also making swift progress. Individual customer service and the targeted expansion of technical solutions have successfully complemented each other.
ZCC Cutting Tools has developed a lathe tooling system with high-pressure cooling.
ZCC Cutting Tools offer grooving tool holders with internal cooling for the first time.
ZCC Cutting Tools presents shoulder and ball nose cutters for steel and cast iron.
ZCC Cutting Tools introduces new high-performance cutting materials for high-temperature materials and titanium alloys.
ZCC Cutting Tools expands its product range in corner milling.
ZCC Cutting Tools expands its product portfolio for machining titanium and high-temp alloys.
Our first data base publishing project is on its home straight.
With the traditional ribbon cutting, the Test and Demonstration Centre of ZCC Cutting Tools Europe was officially opened on 17 May.
ZCC Cutting Tools impresses with shoulder milling performance
A reliable process is the basis for economic production. ZCC Cutting Tools scores highly with its face milling systems and comprehensive solutions for cost-effective machining.
ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

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