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Dennis Hollenberg Product Manager Solid Carbide Tools

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Die and Mold Making

Trends and Innovations in Mold Making

For centuries mold making had been the most important step in the production of metal parts. State-of-the-art CNC machine tools are now being used to make molds and dies.
Low-cost Mass Production Thanks to High-Precision Molds

Mold making refers to the production of molds for the manufacture of plastic or metal castings. Die making is a special subcategory of mold making.

Injection molds are now being produced in greater volume, which is in part driven by growth in demand for electric vehicles. There are a number of special challenges when it comes to machining molds:

  • Strict standards for precision down to the micrometer range
  • Stringent requirements in terms of process reliability
  • Strict mold and tolerances
  • Need for high chip removal rates
  • Large overhangs with deep molds
  • High surface quality requirements

New materials like Toolox mold steel play a key role in the production of extrusion molds. The prehardened engineering and tool steel is easy to work and retains its shape. Conversely, the hardness and high temperatures in the cutting zone present a challenge for the tools.

ZCC-CT offers a range of milling tools and drills for the precision machining of molds, including the PM-Micro series of solid carbide cutters, XMR01 high-feed mills, and the SL series of deep hole drills.

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

We’re there for you