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Bernd Heinermann Manager Application Engineering

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Rail Technology

Precision Parts for Comfort, Durability, and Lower Costs

The production of safety-related components is given special priority in the rail technology sector.
High-Quality Components for Rail Applications

Components for Railway Vehicles have to both extremely resilient and meet high standards in terms of comfort. Achieving a balance between the two competing demands is essential when machining the parts. Particularly in the contact zone between the rail and wheel, the forces must be low enough to allow for the efficient transport of loads at high speeds, while also providing sufficient contact forces for reliable acceleration and braking.

To meet the stringent requirements in terms of durability and precision, materials that are both long-lasting and resistant to deformation are needed. The base material used to make wheelsets, for example, is unalloyed and low-alloy steel. The names and standards applicable to the materials vary from market to market. In the case of wheels for rail vehicles, the majority (95 percent) are made from rolled steel and a much smaller number from cast steel.

The material standards ER1 to ER9 specify the hardness grades, with the most popular standards being ER6 to ER9.

ZCC-CT offers high-quality cutting tools for components for Railway Vehicles . Our product line includes high-performance turning inserts of the LNUX series for top and bottom machining of wheel refurbishment, turning inserts of the RCMX series for the production of new wheels, various milling and drilling systems of the ALP and ALG series for chassis components made from Aluminium materials .

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

We’re there for you