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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

11. September 2020

UD Series: Reliable solid carbide drills

ZCC Cutting Tools launches solid carbide drills for tough materials

The new UD Series is here – specially developed for machining stainless steel and HRSA.

The Series drills enable low cutting forces and optimal chip breaking with tough materials.

All drills are equipped with internal cooling. The length range includes 3xD and 5xD with cylindrical shank. The diameters extend from 3 to 20 mm in 0.5 mm increments. The UD Series has 0.1 increments up to a diameter of 10 mm.

The optimised design of the main and chisel edge minimises the cutting pressure, and the fluting facilitates chip breaking. Higher feeds are possible due to the increased clearance angle.

The UD Series has a PVD coating with improved hardness, optimised thermal stability and a low coefficient of friction. The drills are especially reliable due to their homogeneous wear behaviour.

Customers from the food, chemical and aerospace industries will in particular benefit from the UD series.

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