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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

17. October 2019

TM Series: Long service life for demanding materials

ZCC Cutting Tools expands its product portfolio for machining titanium and high-temp alloys.

The TM series was developed for roughing and finishing of demanding materials in the ISO S range. The series comprises ball nose cutters with 4 and 5 cutting edges as well as torus cutters with 4 to 9 cutting edges. The toric TM-Multi cutters are equipped with up to 9 cutting edges adapted to the diameter.

The new KMS405 grade is particularly temperature resistant, which leads to a significant increase in tool life. The optimum balance between wear resistance and fracture toughness provides additional application flexibility. The grinding process used in the manufacture of the TM series of milling cutters produces cutting edges that are uniformly sharp and robust. Sharp, robust cutting edges are essential to ensure long tool life when subject to the typical high cutting forces, particularly when machining difficult to cut materials.

In introducing the TM series ZCC Cutting Tools Europe have developed an extensive assortment of products covering a broad range of applications in ISO S-cutting. The variable number of cutting edges makes the series suitable for machines of almost every performance class.

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