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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

30. June 2022

Product Innovations Catalogue 05/2022

ZCC Cutting Tools presents nine new and expanded product lines
VPM series – High-speed full-slot milling

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe’s new products this spring are focused on milling applications. In the 80-plus page catalogue, the Düsseldorf-based company is once again presenting new indexable insert and solid carbide milling tools for use in a variety of applications along with new products for turning and drilling operations.

Extremely well-suited for high-temperature applications, the YBG205H grade features a TiALSiN PVD coating that helps deliver an even longer tool life in indexable insert milling operations involving hardened steels. Because of this, close to 40 different combinations of insert geometries and sizes will be available from day one.

With its 88° approach angle, the new FMP06 milling system is available starting now as an effective alternative, especially for hard machining operations. The system is designed for use in combination with carbide and ceramic inserts.

The 45° FMA17 milling system was specially developed for highly efficient facing operations where ultra-high surface qualities are demanded. As an added benefit, the eight-edged inserts increase efficiency in all applications.

The FMP17 square shoulder milling system is also used in combination with eight-edged inserts. The highly efficient 88° system is a new addition to the product line. It is used in a wide range of applications, most specifically for machining end faces and contours. The system offers a precision insert seat that has an essential role in ensuring ultra-high surface qualities.

The FMA17 und FMP17 face milling systems can be used in combination with the same eight-edged SNMX inserts for maximum flexibility.

The FMR04 round insert milling cutter has proven to be a durable, universal tool. To build on this tradition, the system now offers an expanded range of inserts and chip breakers for a wider array of roughing and general machining operations. The inserts are screw-clamped for safe and easy operation, making the system well suited for die and mould making.

The VPM series from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is a newly launched solid carbide milling cutter developed specifically for full-slot milling and applications involving large contact widths. Much higher chip removal rates coupled with the high process reliability that you’ve come to know are made possible by the new geometry. At the same time, the ramping properties were enhanced by increasing the side clearance angle. Thanks to its ALCrN PVD coating, the milling cutter is an excellent choice especially for machining steel and cast iron. VPM milling cutters are also available as screw-on and solid carbide types.

The tried-and-tested TM series, which is specially designed for machining titanium and superalloys, has now been expanded to include mini torus milling cutters with diameters from 1.0 mm. The new, compact milling cutters, in combination with the KMS405 grade, are excellent for high-temperature applications and offer a longer tool life with the reliability users have come to know – even in more challenging applications.

The UD series has also been expanded to cover micro-machining operations. Optimised for stainless steels and superalloys, the drills are now available with internal cooling and diameters starting from 1.0 mm. Thanks to the ultra-smooth multilayer coating and enhanced face geometry, the tools allow for reliable machining operations especially when working with difficult-to-machine materials.

And last but not least, the tried-and-tested miniTurn solid carbide turning system is now available in combination with the YPG202 carbide substrate.  Along with the smooth coating surface and reduced heat transfer that come with this, the tools with the new carbide substrate now offer enhanced coating stability and an even longer tool life.

Product Innovations 05/2022 follows in ZCC Cutting Tools Europe’s tradition of presenting a constant flow of new products and additions to existing series each spring and autumn to fill the gap between its yearly catalogues. Our sales team and distribution partners will undergo special training so that they will be able to tell customers about the many advantages that the new products have to offer and give them the accompanying service and support whenever they need it.

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