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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

3. January 2022

Consistent results in steel turning operations

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH adds new inserts to product line
YBC103 and YBC203 grade inserts in combination with the new XF and XM chip breakers

The new YBC103 and YBC203 grade inserts are now available in combination with the new XF and XM chip breakers for efficient steel turning applications.

Maximum productivity and reliability are becoming increasingly important factors for industrial customers. Steel contains a variety of materials whose properties range from ductile to difficult-to-machine. YBC grade inserts are available for a wide range of applications to meet the vastly different challenges that the material presents. The combination of thermal resistance, wear resistance and toughness makes the grades suitable for machining most any type of steel.

For maximum productivity, YBC103 is recommended for continuous to partially interrupted cutting operations. Conversely, if maximum reliability is the primary consideration, then YBC203 is the ideal choice for continuous to interrupted cuts.

Two grades each offer unique advantages when used in combination with the XF and XM chip breakers. On the one hand, the XF chip breaker allows for optimum chip formation during finishing operations. The special chip-forming elements achieve excellent chip breaking results even at low cutting depths. The XM chip breaker, on the other hand, produces short chips in medium machining applications. The reinforced cutting edge leads to less chip impact damage which in turn reduces additional tool costs to a minimum.

ZCC Cutting Tools is working all the time to add new geometries and sizes to its product range.

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