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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

27. October 2021

HSS taps now available alongside solid carbide range

ZCC Cutting Tools expands product line to include HSS tools
HSS-E and HSS-PM taps from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

The new HSS-E and HSS-PM taps from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe offer the best value for your money, guarantee reliable production and are a universal tool for use with a range of materials.

HSS-E provides the perfect balance between price and performance. It maintains thermal resistance even if the supply of coolant is less than optimal. On top of that, the alloy, which contains five per cent cobalt, makes it easy to machine materials with tensile strengths of more than 800 N/mm2.

HSS-PM taps are extremely long-lasting for consistent results in mass-production operations. The high-speed powder metallurgy steel contains a high percentage of alloying elements. This gives it unique properties for enhanced toughness, wear resistance and hardness while also improving consistency and extending tool life by up to one-third.

The HSS taps are available in form B for through taps and form C for bottoming threads. The shank types on offer include DIN 371 ≤ M10 and DIN 376 ≥ M8. The taps can also be ordered with or without internal cooling, which features an exit on the front side (M8 or higher). All taps are coated with TiAIN. The standard tolerance is 6H; taps with a tighter production tolerance (6HX) are also available for order on demand.