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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

25. March 2020

A strong unique selling point: Access to the entire added value chain in carbide production

ZCC Cutting Tools publish new price list.

The new ZCC Cutting Tools Europe price list will apply from April 1, 2020. The prices in 2020 are almost identical compared to the previous year.

ZCC Cutting Tools can continue to offer these pricing levels because the company has access to the entire added value chain in carbide production. This unique selling point begins with access to own raw material mines and ends with coated precision tooling. This allows for superior price / performance ratio.

This year, the teams of experts from ZCC Cutting Tools are further optimizing tasks, products and services in order to support customers and partners even more. The focus is on technical excellence, quality, economic and organizational aspects of production. In the course of the year, the new indexable insert drill system ZSD with SPMX inserts for improved surface quality will come onto the market.


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