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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

21. May 2021

Product Innovations 05/2021: Six new precision tools for machining operations

ZCC Cutting Tools releases supplementary catalogue 05/2021

At long last, ZCCT Cutting Tools Europe is set to release its Product Innovations catalogue in spring 2021. It will include new grooving tools, indexable mills as well as solid carbide cutters and drills. The company presents the following new products:

zFlex: Maximum flexibility thanks to modular grooving system
The new product provides added flexibility and saves time during radial grooving. It is suitable for any grooving operation and includes highlights like the ELI (External Like Internal) coolant supply technology. zFlex also features a solid, stable design, with an interlocking system to ensure the tool holder and cartridge fit together perfectly. The components can be flexibly combined and allow the primary cartridge and cutting insert to be replaced with ease. The primary cartridge’s specially designed spring tension mechanism ensures no plastic deformation occurs even after clamping multiple times.

FMA04: Face mills for unstable conditions and thin components
The new 45° milling system with positive inserts is suitable for machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to its incredible versatility, the FMA04 can be used in a wide range of finishing and medium machining applications. The face mill is highly economical due to its eight-edged indexable insert. The positive cutting edge design generates low cutting forces and provides increased stability, ensuring consistent, reliable processes. Enhanced surface finishes are achieved thanks to the precision insert seat and a peripherally ground cutting edge. And thanks to the marking on the insert, it is possible to quickly identify the cutting edges, another practical feature available to users.

EMP09: Square shoulder mill with new -GL chip breaker
The EMP09 series with tangential inserts is now available with the new -GL chip breaker. The chip breaker features a smaller protective chamfer, making it highly suitable for difficult-to-machine materials and low cutting depths. The end mills, arbour mountings and porcupine cutters are an excellent choice for machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Key benefits include the soft cut, 90° flanks and excellent surface qualities. The mills are extremely durable despite their sharp cutting edge geometry, another key selling point.

FMWX: Face mills for maximum precision and ultra-high surface qualities
The new FMWX face mills are suitable for finishing steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The system is versatile and can be used in a broad range of applications thanks to the wide selection of CVD and PVD coated inserts on offer. The ultra-high-precision insert seats ensure high repeatability. The milling system is equipped with a wedge clamping mechanism, allowing insert seats to be replaced quickly, which in turn reduces set-up times. In addition, targeted internal cooling improves chip removal, resulting in increased tool life.                                                                                                               

ALP series: single-edged square shoulder mills for machining aluminium now available now
The ALP series is the ideal choice for machining aluminium. This series is specially designed to deliver high surface qualities. It has now been expanded to include single-edged square shoulder mills for efficient full-slot machining and profiling. The tools in the ALP series are available with an optional DLC coating (KMD401) for improved performance and reduced wear. In addition, reliable dry machining of aluminium is made possible thanks to the combination of coating and geometry.

GD series: Solid carbide drills now also available in 3xD with Weldon surface
The GD series with internal cooling is specially designed for machining steel and cast iron materials. The new design, which features four margins, stabilises the solid carbide drills at high feed rates. In combination with the special flute design, the GD series of drills allows much higher metal removal rates. Two key features of the multilayer PVD coating are a reduced risk of cracking and increased thermal stability. The coating, in combination with the protective chamfers, helps ensure a long tool life.

The English Product Innovations 05/2021 is available as a PDF by following the link below: DOWNLOAD

If you would like to receive the printed catalogue, please contact ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH by e-mail