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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

24. July 2020

zRay: Tool system with exchangeable cassette now also with double coolant supply

ZCC Cutting Tools further develops high pressure tools.

The zRay tooling system with high pressure cooling from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has been further developed.

Star-shaped coolant nozzles now provide improved coolant performance, and new cartridge designs round out the product range.

In addition to the conventional cartridge that permits a coolant supply from above, two other cartridge types are available that allow a coolant supply from above and below. The upper coolant jets provide chip control while the lower coolant jets improve the service life of the inserts.

The cartridge is designed as a closed or open body (truss technology). On the one hand, the open truss version reduces vibrations even more, and on the other hand it avoids overheating of the tool head when processing heat-resistant or titanium alloys.

The cartridge achieves a positive fit with the tool holder using an interlocking system, and thus an exact positioning is guaranteed. Thanks to the positive fit of the cartridge and holder, zRay has additional damping properties, which have a positive impact on the dynamic properties and therefore on the surface quality on the component.

zRay allows for complete chip control during medium machining of long-chipping materials such as nickel-based and titanium alloys. The system is ideal for machines that produce a coolant pressure above 60 bar at the spindle discharge, which ensures the targeted crushing of the chip. A coolant pressure of 80 bar is optimal.

The greatest customer benefit arises from the fact that in the event of a collision only the replacement of the cartridge is necessary and not the entire tool holder. zRay is available with carbide, ceramic, CBN or PKD inserts and for all machine tool interfaces.

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