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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

25. January 2022

Now also available for deep parting off applications

Upgrades to ZCC Cutting Tools’ zFlex modular grooving system
Modular grooving system zFlex

Alongside radial grooving, zFlex is now also suitable for larger-diameter parting off applications.

Just six months after its release ZCC Cutting Tools R&D department in Düsseldorf has upgraded the zFlex system. Users now benefit from added flexibility and shorter machining times during all grooving operations.

With the new, reinforced base and primary cartridges, it is possible to perform parting off operations at diameters of up to 80 mm. The tool system delivers maximum stability thanks to the strengthened cartridge base.  High system rigidity leads to extremely flat, smooth and high-quality components.

Five key features of the system include:

  1. Components can be flexibly combined
  2. Suitable for any grooving operation
  3. Features efficient ELI coolant supply technology
  4. Primary cartridge and cutting insert are easy to replace
  5. Spring tension mechanism minimises plastic deformation on the clamp finger

ZCC Cutting Tools is currently developing further solutions for parting off and face grooving applications available with optional targeted cooling.

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