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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

11. June 2021

ALP/ALG: High-performance mills for aluminium machining operations

ZCC Cutting Tools adds single-edged square shoulder mill to product range

The ALP and ALG series are the ideal choice for machining aluminium. The ALP series now includes single-edged square shoulder mills with diameters of 2.0 to 10.00 mm for efficient full-slot machining and profiling.

While the ALP series is optimised for roughing operations, the tools from the ALG series are designed to deliver ultra-high surface qualities. The series includes shoulder square and torus mills with diameters of 1.0 to 20.00 mm.

The geometry, with the chip pocket forming the centre of the tool, makes the new single-edged mills extremely well-suited for full-slot milling or trimming profiles and other components. This large chip pocket improves chip removal, which in turn prevents the tool from breaking due to cutting edge adhesion. Another key feature of the single-edged cutter is its ability to machine burr-free even at larger tool lengths.

The tools in the series are available with optional DLC coating (KMD401) for improved performance and reduced wear. In addition, reliable dry machining of aluminium is made possible thanks to the combination of coating and geometry.

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