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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

15. September 2023

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe presents autumn 2023 product innovations catalogue

Flexible new products for general turning, threading and drilling

In time for EMO (18–23 September 2023), full-range supplier ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH is launching five new products this autumn: From roughing and finishing operations to the production of spot faces and productive turning operations, economically efficient and high-performance tool innovations that offer ideal solutions for key challenges in production are presented on 44 pages. In contrast to the spring product innovations (03/2023), which focused on aerospace and mould and die making, the new products provide solutions for general mechanical engineering and energy technology applications. New, high-performance tools complement the existing range of sophisticated machining solutions for the following segments:


New XLR chip breaker for steel

The addition of the XLR version to the XF/XM/XMH set of chip breakers completes the insert series for efficient and outstandingly easy roughing. The chip breaker reduces machining obstacles, making the product particularly suitable for machines with low power consumption. The optimally positioned chip elements ensure excellent chip control even at maximum material removal rates. The positive geometry also allows higher feed rates combined with lower cutting pressure. A special highlight: The positive main cutting edge reduces cutting forces and vibrations.


New ONMX & PNMX high-feed turning systems with XH chip breaker for steel

The new ONMX high-feed turning system has been specially developed for productive semi-finishing and finishing operations. The use of the economical, double-sided Octa inserts with 16 cutting edges, which are available in the YBC103 and YBC203 high-performance grades, facilitates controlled chip removal owing to optimised chip-forming elements. The design for easy cutting and the 23° approach angle ensure minimised cutting forces.

In addition to productive semi-finishing, roughing in particular is the key field of application of the new PNMX high-feed turning system. The geometry of the double-sided Penta inserts with 10 cutting edges, in combination with the already mentioned YBC103 and YBC203 high-performance grades, significantly improves chip control.

The ONMX and PNMX series of inserts and holders use SPXNR2525X09C and SOXNR2525XO5C holders due to their new and unique feature: the integration of targeted cooling using aligned coolant outlets. G 1/8″ coolant supply takes place from three sides or alternatively via the tool adapter. The advantages of the two high-feed turning systems for productive turning operations are underscored by results such as better chip breaking, long tool life and reduced machining times despite high feed rates as well as high metal removal rates.


New zType thread turning holders with internal cooling for optimum tool life and chip removal during thread production

ZCC-CT Europe’s product innovations autumn 2022 marked a system change in high-quality thread machining with the introduction of zType threading inserts, which increase the tool life by 20–30%. Today, the zType threading range includes external turning holders and boring bars (internal turning holders), whose targeted coolant outlets each ensure optimum chip removal and thus long tool lives. Thanks to the lowest possible machining temperature due to internal cooling, wear is minimised, tool life is increased and machining productivity is maximised. G 1/8″ coolant supply of the external tool holder coolant supply takes place from four sides and, just as with the boring bar, can optionally be directed through the tool adapter. A wide variety of zType threading inserts completes the product portfolio of the zType series.


New FD flat drill for all material groups

The highly versatile tool is designed with a 180° tip for a wide range of applications. The solid carbide drill can be used to drill holes in inclined surfaces up to 55° without pre-milling and to efficiently produce spot faces. Another advantage is the low burr formation when drilling thin components. The double margins ensure optimum hole circularity. What makes the FD drill stand out in its fields of application is its multi-layer coating, which provides the tool with in a high level of thermal stability.


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