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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

17. October 2019

zRay: Turning tool holder with exchangeable cassette

ZCC Cutting Tools has developed a lathe tooling system with high-pressure cooling.

zRay is the new rotary tool holder system with high-pressure cooling from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe. The system provides full chip control for medium machining of long swarf producing materials such as nickel-based and titanium alloys.

zRay is ideal for machines that generate a coolant pressure above 60 bar, which ensures that the swarf breaks into chips as intended.

The cassette is made of steel, has a toothed spline for a positive fit and positional accuracy. Bolting the cassette and base holder together using offset bolts gives the system enhanced damping and improve the dynamic properties.

The best benefit to customers is that if a collision occurs only the cassette needs to be replaced and not the complete tool holder. zRay tool holders can be used with carbide or ceramic inserts and are offered for all standard mountings.