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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

17. October 2019

XR chip breaker: Wear resistant at high cutting speeds

ZCC Cutting Tools expands its product range in corner milling.

The APKT11T3 with the XR chip breaker is now available in three grades for the EMP01/02 shoulder milling cutters: YBG205, YB9320 and YBD252. ZCC Cutting Tools presents a grade for machining a wide range of materials with the PVD coated YBG205.

YB9320 is also PVD coated and is suitable for universal use. The CVD grade YBD252 was developed specifically for castings, cast iron and alloyed steel.

Their geometry makes all three grades ideally suited for high-feed milling, as they achieve smooth running and good wear resistance even at high feed rates. Customers benefit from increased productivity as more parts are produced in a shorter time. The inserts are also particularly suitable cutting with a long overhang.

The customer’s options for use when using the EMP01/02 milling systems have been significantly increased with the APKT11T3 and XR chip breaker.