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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

3. April 2020

Everyone drills holes

ZCC Cutting Tools impress with its solid carbide and WSP drill range.

The solid carbide drill series SU and SL are suitable for machining almost any range of materials.

The SU drills have a patented design and run exceptionally smoothly, They can be used for holes with a depth of up to 8xD. The SL drills, available from 10xD to 30xD, score with a double margin chamfer for stable and precise machining. In addition, ZCC Cutting Tools implement special drills up to 50xD.

In addition to the universal drills, ZCC Cutting Tools offers the ST series for use in stainless materials and heat resistant superalloys up to 8xD, and the SH series for hardened steels and cast materials in 3xD.

The ZTD indexable insert drill series can also be used universally, in lengths from 2 to 5xD and for bore diameters from 13 to 50 mm in stock. The soft-cutting drill enables higher cutting speeds with lower feed rates. This results in machining that is gentle on the spindle. The ZTD series is therefore also ideal for low-performance machines.

In the course of the year, the ZSD series with wiper geometry for even better surfaces comes onto the market.