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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

26. April 2021

zFlex: 5 keys to achieving maximum flexibility in grooving operations

ZCC Cutting Tools presents its new zFlex modular grooving system

Toolmaker ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is launching its new zFlex modular grooving system that provides flexibility and saves time during radial grooving. The system is suitable for any grooving operation and includes highlights like the ELI (External Like Internal) coolant supply technology. zFlex also features a solid, stable design, with an interlocking system to ensure the tool holder and cartridge fit together perfectly.

Flexibility to combine components
The grooving system consists of a tool holder as well as a basic and primary cartridge. Benefits for the user include the flexibility to combine individual components.

Suitable for any grooving operation
ZCC Cutting Tools is launching the tool holder with VDI, HSK-A and PSC interfaces as the first product; all other interfaces can be manufactured on request. One major advantage for users is that the tool holder is compatible with all primary cartridges, meaning it can be used in any grooving operation. What’s more, zFlex is suitable for use with all relevant materials.

Efficient ELI coolant supply technology
The basic cartridge features an ELI coolant supply system as a more cost-effective alternative to internal cooling. Along with that, it also serves as the connector between the base adapter and primary cartridge. The primary cartridge is the actual grooving blade, which is available in blade widths of 1.5 to 8 mm.

Easy to replace primary cartridge and cutting insert
Two positioning pins on the basic cartridge make it easy to replace the primary cartridge. In addition, the spring tension mechanism securely clamps in the cutting tools and ensures that the cartridge can be replaced in a consistent, repeatable manner. The cutting inserts for the primary cartridge are available in a wide range of widths, geometries and with a number of coatings.

No plastic deformation
The primary cartridge’s specially designed spring tension mechanism ensures no plastic deformation occurs even after clamping multiple times. As a result, the grooving blade has a long service life and is extremely reliable.

ZCC Cutting Tools is currently the process of developing a primary cartridge with interior cooling and a solution for parting and face grooving.

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