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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

19. June 2023

Tooling solutions for die and mould making

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe now also focuses on die and mould making in its new competence catalogue

Precise dies and moulds that are efficiently manufactured are essential to the production of metal or plastic cast parts. Producing components requires solutions for different tasks. These are predominantly six-sided machining, contour roughing and finishing, as well as delicate micro-machining. All of these processes have complex requirements and require using the right tool if they are to be done successfully.


Process stability and reliability must be ensured to achieve particularly high surface qualities. For example, vibration-free cutting is vital when producing deep cavities. The standards for precision on components in the micrometre range are also extremely strict. Micro-machining requires tools that have long tool lives and a high degree of contour accuracy, as this process focuses on incredibly small components. And last but not least, complying with components’ shape and position tolerances requires a precision tool that can be used flexibly, including in the manufacturing of core holes and cooling channels.


ZCC Cutting Tools Europe offers efficient and cost-effective solutions for all of these core applications. Thanks to our new competence catalogue for die and mould making, we are expanding our full range of specialist products and now offer product solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers in this special segment. The moulded component shown was produced in collaboration with our partner ALZMETALL GmbH & Co. KG and serves as the starting point for the creation of this competence brochure. The tooling applications shown represent the majority of the relevant machining steps in die and mould making.


In addition to this, we also offer technical consultations tailored to our customers’ requirements. Our application engineers and product managers are there to provide specialised expertise to help our business partners make ongoing upgrades and improvements.


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Tool solutions for mould and die making