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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

16. January 2019

More components in less time

ZCC Cutting Tools impresses with shoulder milling performance

The variety of shoulder milling applications require case-optimized solutions. With its shoulder milling systems, ZCC Cutting Tools now offers a particularly wide portfolio of these solutions, both in diameter as well as individual cutting edge geometries and grades.


EMP01/02: Shoulder mill with small indexable inserts for high material removal rates and smoothness of cut

EMP01/02 with the small APKT07 inserts is optimized for all minimal material allowance operations. A high material removal rate with simultaneous smoothness is achieved by the soft-cutting inserts with large and sharp positive cutting geometry. In addition to the APKT07, the milling cutters are available with insert sizes APKT11 and APKT16.


EMP13: New milling system with highly polished indexable insert for exact 90 ° shoulders

The new milling system EMP13 excells in the general machining of Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum and non-ferrous metals with precise 90 ° edges. Even with large depths of cut, the extra thick, precision ground indexable inserts still feature extra resistance to breakage. Precision ground, highly polished geometries are available for Aluminum machining. Among others extra-sharp cutting edges are imprtant characteristics for these geometries and wide cutting speed ranges.


EMP09: 90 ° Shoulder milling system with tangential inserts for particularly high feed rate and perfect surface qualities at the same time

EMP09 milling cutters are the first choice when large depths of cut and high feed rates are required. With feed rates of 0.5mm / tooth, particularly high metal removal rates can be achieved. The sharp cutting geometries of the tangential inserts also guarantee a perfect surface finish within material application ranges P10-P40 and with PVD-coated grades in the M10-M30 ranges. For Cast Iron machining, K15-K35, a CVD-coated grade is available. The series consists of insert sizes LNKT08, LNKT12 and LNKT16. The available diameters range from 25 mm to 160 mm to cover a wide area of applications.