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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

3. December 2021

New tools for metal machining

ZCC Cutting Tools presents Product Innovations 11/2021 catalogue

A detailed brochure featuring the latest products from ZCC Cutting Tools will once again appear this winter. Alongside boring bars for hardened steel, an upgraded zFlex modular grooving system and solid carbide cutters for steel, stainless steel and cast iron, the catalogue also contains new inserts for all standard steel types engineered specially for rail applications. Productivity is shifting increasingly into focus in all application areas.

For maximum productivity and reliability in steel machining applications
The YBC103 and YBC203 grade inserts with XF and XM chip breakers are suitable for general turning applications with most types of steel. They combine heat resistance, wear resistance and toughness, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The XF chip breaker provides for optimum chip formation during finishing operations, while the XM chip breaker produces short chips in medium machining applications.

Specialised tools for rail applications
ZCC Cutting Tools has added RF and RH chip breakers to its LNUX, CNMM and CNMG inserts specifically aimed at companies in the rail sector. One key feature of the inserts is the innovative bore design that makes them compatible with all standard clamping systems and tool holders used in rail applications. The consistently prepared cutting edges of the chip breakers ensure reliable production, which is a critical factor for customers in the rail sector.

Specialised tool for cutting hard metals
The ZNEX compact boring system includes boring bars with interchangeable cutting edges for smaller bore sizes. The solid carbide shank provides  low-vibration for internal machining of hardened steel.

Now also available for deep parting off applications
The zFlex modular grooving system is now available for larger-diameter parting off operations. zFlex combines maximum stability with extremely smooth and flat component surfaces for top-quality manufactured parts.

Five cutting edges for increased productivity
The UM series now also includes solid carbide cutters with five cutting edges for roughing and finishing steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The cutters are highly versatile and increase productivity.

Short chips despite long cutting edges
The UMC series  provides a smooth operation and delivers longer tool life in trochoidal and HSC machining operations. The chip breakers reduce cutting forces and facilitate chip removal whilst maintaining a consistent surface quality.

Product Innovations 11/2021

For more information on our new products, please see the accompanying brochure.

If you would like to receive the printed catalogue, please contact ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH by e-mail