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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

5. October 2020

ZSD: Insert drills for even better surfaces

ZCC Cutting Tools is expanding its drilling systems

The new ZSD drilling system adds four-edge SPMX inserts to the current ZCC Cutting Tools range of indexable insert drills.

With three chip breakers and four different grades, the system is suitable for machining steel, cast iron and hard-to-cut materials. The drills are available in the diameters 12 to 63 mm as well as in common intermediate sizes.

The specially designed carrier tools have a high rigidity. This allows large drilling depths of up 5xD with high-level precision and process reliability. The inserts have a wiper geometry for even better surfaces. Wavy chip breakers provide optimal chip breaking and removal of short chips. The chip breakers also provide a soft cut with low cutting forces and thus prevent damage to the spindle. The soft cut also allows large drill diameters on low horsepower machines.

The new ZSD drills work as usual at high cutting speeds. Unlike with other systems, low cutting speeds are feasible in conjunction with a higher feed rate per revolution.

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