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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

9. March 2020

3 factors for optimized machining

Everything starts with the material.

Many different components in completely different materials are the challenge of machining.

Each material has its own structure, which are influenced by alloy components, heat treatment, hardness and other factors. These features affect the selection of geometry, cutting tool material and the correct cutting data of the cutting tool. The basis is the material classification according to ISO.

Optimized machining means that there are no process disruptions and the tools perform at a reasonable service life. The following factors are important to achieve this:


What factors need to be considered with the material?

It is important to understand the effects of the alloy components on machinability.


Which cutting material do I choose?

The properties of the alloy components are decisive for the selection of the cutting tools. The cutting tool material must have the appropriate thermal stability, strength and wear resistance. These parameters must be optimized for the application.


Which geometry is suitable?

The material is crucial for the right micro and macro geometry of the cutting edge.

In addition, machining conditions such as cutting data, surface properties, cutting forces and tool holders affect machinability.

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