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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

25. September 2020

Product Innovations 09/2020: 7 new tools for the machining industry

ZCC Cutting Tools publishes its supplementary catalogue 09/2020

This autumn ZCC Cutting Tools Europe will again roll out a new product catalogue.

The catalogue includes new products for general turning, insert and solid carbide cutters and insert and solid carbide drills. The following products are featured:

zRay: high pressure tools with exchangeable cassette now with dual coolant supply

In addition to the conventional cartridge that permits a coolant supply from above, two other cartridge types are available that allow a coolant supply from above and below. The upper coolant jets provide chip control while the lower coolant jets improve the service life of the inserts.
The cartridge is designed as a closed or open body (lattice technology). On the one hand, the open lattice version reduces vibrations even more, and on the other hand it avoids overheating of the tool head when processing heat-resistant steels or titanium alloys.
The greatest customer benefit results from the fact that in the event of a collision only the cassette needs to be replaced and not the entire tool holder.


FMA12: face mill with new inserts

The three-dimensional chip breakers of the FMA12 are ideal for tough materials. The positive cutting geometry creates a soft cut and thus reduces the machine’s power consumption. The insert mills are impressive with their high cost-benefit factor due to the 16 cutting edges.


QCH series: insert milling heads now also for universal usez

The QCH exchangeable head system with Q interface now includes 3 series with insert milling heads: QCH-SDMT high-feed mills, QCH-APKT square shoulder mills and 45° QCH-SPGT deburring cutters.
The QCH-SDMT high-feed mills are ideally suited for roughing. The special feature of the SDMT inserts is the fact that the cut is soft and the machining noise pleasant due to the cutting edge geometry and chip breaker. The soft cut also ensures quiet running, even with large projection lengths.
The QCH-APKT square shoulder mills cam be used for roughing and semi-finishing. The APKT product portfolio offers the right insert for every material.
The 45° QCH-SPGT deburring cutters are especially economical with their four-edge SPGT inserts. Deburring in deep holes is possible in combination with the QCG interface.


HPC series: high performance milling with new grade KMG406

The new grade KMG406 is ideal for entry into high-performance machining due to the balanced price-performance ratio. The solid carbide tools are available as end mills that are suitable for roughing and finishing. The geometry with unequal helix angle and variable pitch enable a machining without vibrations. The HPC Series can be used for steel and cast iron materials up to 55 HRC as well as stainless steel.


ZSD series: insert drills for even better surfaces

The new ZSD drilling system with four-edged SPMX inserts is suitable for machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron and hard-to-cut materials. The specially designed carrier tools have a high rigidity. This allows large drilling depths of up 5xD with high-level precision and process reliability. The inserts have a wiper geometry for even better surfaces. Wavy chip breakers provide optimal chip breaking and removal of short chips. The chip breakers also provide a soft cut with low cutting forces and thus prevent damage to the spindle. The soft cut also allows large drill diameters on low horsepower machines.


UD series: reliable solid carbide drills for tough materials

The UD Series with internal cooling is here – specially developed for machining stainless steel and heat resistant steel alloys (HRSA). The drills of the series enable low cutting pressures and optimum chip breaking in tough materials. The optimised design of the main and chisel edge minimises the cutting pressure, and the fluting facilitates chip breaking. Higher feeds are possible due to the increased clearance angle. The UD Series has a PVD coating with increased hardness, optimised thermal stability and a low coefficient of friction.


GD series: solid carbide drills for productivity 2.5 times higher

The new GD Series with internal cooling is specially designed for machining steel and cast iron materials. The newly developed design with 4 guide chamfers stabilises the solid carbide drills at high feed rates. In combination with the special chip flute design, the GD Series allows a significantly higher rate of material removal. The multilayer PVD coating features a reduced risk of cracking and increased thermal stability. Together with the protective chamfers, the coating thus ensures long tool life.

Product Innovations 09/2020

The new product catalogue is available as a PDF at the following link:

Would you prefer a printed version? Then contact ZCC Cutting Tools Europe at or  +49 211 989240-0.