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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

29. July 2022

VPM: High-speed full-slot milling

ZCC Cutting Tools stellt VPM Serie für Stahl und Guss vor

The new VPM series excels in applications involving full-slot milling and large contact widths. The square shoulder milling cutter is available with a straight shank and as an interchangeable head milling cutter for added flexibility in real-world applications.

Alongside problems with chip removal, tools are subject to heavy loads especically in full-slot milling applications. Because of its design, the VPM series eliminates these two issues. Among other things, the newly developed geometry combines an ultra-stable tool core with a large chip pocket to deliver higher chip volumes.

Even under extreme conditions, these cutters are capable of efficient, low-vibration machining. One of the benefits is short process times made possible by high stock removal rates. In addition to the advantages already listed above, the VPM series delivers excellent ramping properties due to the larger side clearance angle it uses. The KMG406 grade PVD coating means very long tool lives because of the high wear resistance and hot hardness it offers.

The end mills are available in diameters of 3–20 mm. Optional interchangeable head milling cutters are also available with a Q interface in diameters of 12–25 mm.


For more information on our new products, please see the accompanying PDF file of our Product Innovations 05/2022.

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