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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

25. August 2023

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe marks two decades in business

ZCC-CT Europe celebrates its 20th anniversary of its European sales unit

Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. (ZCC-CT), the largest Chinese manufacturer of carbide tools, is part of the Minmetals Group. The end-to-value value chain for cutting-edge, high-performance cutting tools offered by ZCC Cutting Tools is transparent, subject to monitoring and all housed under one roof, from the extraction of raw materials and processing into carbide powder through to the coated end product. We at ZCC Cutting Tool Europe offer a full range of products for European markets from our logistics centre in Düsseldorf. For two decades now, our company has been successfully selling its products to a steadily growing base of customers across Europe.



Step by step to success

ZCC-CT’s European subsidiary opened its door in 2003 initially under the name ZCC Europe GmbH. Later renamed ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH in 2006, it has passed many a milestone since then. Two prime examples include the NRW Invest Award presented to us in 2015 and the establishment of branch offices in Bourges, France, and in Birmingham, UK. We have witnessed a steady annual growth rate of over ten per cent and are largely insulated from conditions in the economy and market developments. Our European headquarters and logistics centre are now situated in Düsseldorf on a 1,000 square metre site in close proximity to the airport. Since our test and demonstration centre opened in 2019, we have produced and continue to make products to meet the needs of the European market, have carried out and continue to carry out customer projects, have offered and continue to offer practical demonstrations at internal, distributor and customer seminars, and implement and continue to implement all requests to improve customer-related processes.



Expertise has its rewards

With the launch of sales activities in Europe, not only did the number of the company’s end customers and distribution partners across Europe grow steadily over this time, but the complexity of and challenges associated with customer projects has also increased for us as a full-service provider. Today, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has more than 100 employees working in technical and internal sales, customer service, product management, application technology and, last but not least, logistics. The European Research & Development division and the test and demonstration centre also focus and will continue to focus on meeting the requirements of the individual European markets, on industry trends and on optimising our tool solutions based on these trends and needs. The requirement profiles generated in this way for new and future products are promptly translated into market-ready solutions. It is also one of the reasons we were able to generate €45 million in sales in 2022. And we expect to see steady, trend-line growth in 2023 as well.



ZCC-CT Europe: A full-service provider for your machining applications

In addition to premium technical products that represent excellent value for your money, our company’s extensive range of products and services also includes the affiliated services – such as customer training – designed to facilitate more efficient use of tools and improve quality in production, a regrinding service to extend the life of solid carbide tools and tool management to reduce the amount of capital tied-up and inventory costs, enable customers to keep an eye on production costs and deliver automated, end-to-end tool logistics throughout the entire lifecycle of the tool. Our focus has always been on working with customers and partners in a very forward-looking and flexible manner. In order to offer high-quality technical advice no matter where the customer might be, ZCC-CT Europe technicians are available for in-person, phone or online consultations. The company has been committed to one thing for two decades: to providing customers with the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions to meet all challenges they face now and in the future. To meet this commitment, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe also offers customised special solutions. As well as having the expertise, knowledge and requisite resources, being close to our customers and being able to guarantee on-time delivery in all European markets generate added value for every partner.



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