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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

30. April 2020

Attention: 3 auxiliary packages for the correct use of masks

How do I use masks correctly?

1. Use mask correctly:

  • Fits properly and fits tightly
  • Change after saturation
  • Do not touch your face


2. Required protective measures and rules of conduct:

  • Clean your hands before and after use
  • Hold mask in front of mouth and nose, fasten with the bands at the top of the head and in the neck area behind the ears
  • Press on the noseband
  • Present Mask pleasantly to the face with the lower edge, Positioning the chin
  • Do not remove or adjust during use
  • Do not touch the outside of the mask
  • Dispose of: directly without interme-diate storage in a waste bin with a lid
  • Warning: certain beard shapes partially reduce the tightness

3. Measures for reuse:

  • Each person uses their own mask
  • Do not contaminate the inside
  • Storage: Open Space, in a limited area that is not accessible to others
  • Put on using gloves, which after use are disposed of directly in a waste bin with a lid
  • Disinfect the storage location
  • Do not clean mask with disinfectannt


Source: © B A D GmbH, status 04/2020 and RKI

Link to infographic

This is currently one of many questions that everyone is interested in. To clarify these and other questions about masks, ZCC Cutting Tools has developed an infographic with 3 help packages