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Andrea Collura Manager Customer Service

16. January 2019

Large selection for high efficiency

For face milling, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe offers a variety of inserts with a particularly large number of chipbreaker and grade combinations for a multitude of applications.

A reliable process is the basis for economic production. ZCC Cutting Tools scores highly with its face milling systems and comprehensive solutions for cost-effective machining.


FMA01: Soft-cutting face milling cutter with sharp SEET inserts for optimum surface qualities

The FMA01 proves itself with a soft cut through its large, positive cutting edge geometry. The face milling cutter is supplied with wiper geometry indexable inserts, thus achieving excellent surface quality. A wide variety of chipbreaker and grade combinations provide a wide range of applications for Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless materials and Aluminum.


FMA11: Upgrade of the FMA01 for highest stability and resistance to breakage, even at high material removal rates

The thick, eight-cutting edge indexable inserts of the FMA11 give the greatest possible stability and resistance to breakage. The face milling cutter is very economic as it combines high machining volumes with perfect process reliability. In the ZCC Cutting Tools range of inserts, users find all relevant combinations of grades and chip breakers as well as wiper features.


FMA07 / FMA12: High-performance face milling cutter, especially for tough materials, application groups P10-P40 and M10-M30

The face milling cutters FMA07 and FMA12 provide a particularly favourable Cost-Performance ratio. The indexable inserts are double sided with 16 cutting edges and featuring in a particularly high material removal rate in a shorter time. The chip breakers of the FMA12 inserts are exceptionally suitable for tough materials.